Friday, September 2, 2016

Vince Mixed Media V-Neck Tee in New Buff & Coastal Blue!

Ever since I got the Vince Mixed Media V-Neck Tee in white in my last order, I went back and got the new buff and coastal blue colors as well!  Now I have all 3 colors in this tee!  Hehe.  I think it's just such a nice basic to have, and I've been wearing them everywhere.  They are very soft and I love the chiffon detail on the bottom which makes a plain tee a little bit more special.

I got New Buff color in XS which is the same size as my white one, and I got the Coastal Blue color in S since they were out of XS.  To be honest, the XS and S fit exactly the same.  Maybe S is a tiny bit longer, I don't know.  They really look identical to me.

Here's the coastal blue in S:

And new buff in XS:

Totally recommend these shirts now that they are on sale for such a good price!

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