Sunday, August 21, 2016

Sunday Funday!

Another busy week for me as I tried to finish things up before I go on vacation!  I'm actually leaving in a couple days, and I can't wait!  I've already started packing this weekend too, so I'm in good shape!  This will be a first, since I normally just wait and scramble at the last minute... hahaha.  

As far as my workout goes, I was only able to make it twice to the gym this week again.  However, my diet has been on point.  So I feel pretty good.  I also made it to boxing for the first time in a long time, so that's partially why I haven't been able to go back to the gym very many times this week - I've been SO sore!  Boxing always gets me.  It's amazing.  I really should do it more.  Actually, I bought multiple classes so that will force me to go when I'm back from vacation.  =)

Monday 8/15 
What I did:  Yoga class!  That was a first in a long time too and it was great.  I got a bit sore from that as well.

What I wore:  Titika Outfit!

Tuesday 8/16 - Rest.  Here's my work outfit:

Wednesday 8/17 - Rest

Thursday 8/18
What I did:  Boxing!

What I wore:

Friday 8/19 - Rest.  But here's my casual Friday outfit:
Top:  Some cheap ribbed tank haha
Shoes:  Valentino Rockstud Leopard Pump (new)

Saturday 8/20 - Rest again.  Here's my outfit that I wore to dinner & Jason Bourne movie (I had just finished a marathon of the 4 Bourne movies before this one haha).
Top:  Vince Mixed Media Tee in new buff that I just received

And today I just rested, did laundry all day, and packed!  Not that exciting.  But I have got to get busy again, so much to do before I leave!  I hope you all had a great weekend!  

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  1. Those Valentinos are gorgeous!

    Have a wonderful trip!


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